Addiction counselling and psychological counselling

Psychological counselling

Psychological counselling and consultation support achieving positive changes and moving toward important goals. Psychological counselling is for those who feel that applying for a new job and getting hired is affected by a situation that is too difficult for them to solve by themselves. Counselling gives the opportunity to address various issues like worry, anxiety, insecurity, sadness, dissatisfaction, lack of motivation, problems related to communication and relationships, unexpected life occurrences, getting to know oneself and your desires and moods.

During counselling a private meeting is set up between the psychologist and the client where tensions and conflicts that cause dissatisfaction and strong negative emotions can be addressed.

If You doubt Your abilities or entering the labor market is making You feel insecure or fearful, our psychologist can assess Your situation as a neutral bystander and help You analyze any problems that may be hindering You. Through counselling all reasons causing the difficult situation can be addressed and analyzed. It is the opportunity to express difficult and suppressed feelings in a safe environment and find solutions with the help of a specialist. For additional information, please call +372 56 228 265

Addiction counselling

Addictions influence mental and physical health, and its onset always has a trigger and a consequence. The purpose of addiction counselling is to support and counsel the client, as well as enhance motivation and confidence. Counselling aims to raise the overall welfare of the client, to identify stressors, alleviate tensions and conflicts, find solutions to problems and to support the client in achieving important goals, understand oneself and the situation, as well as finding more confidence.

Our psychologist will help You find solutions to various tensions and problems to help You cope and concentrate on finding and keeping a job. In collaboration you will analyze the reasons that have led You to the problematic situation and find new opportunities and solutions for the future. For additional information, please call +372 56 228 265

Anastasiya Targonskaja
Service Price
Psychological counselling 50 €
Addiction counselling 50 €

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