Occupational health care helps to prevent burnout

Preventing burnout

According to research, on average, one of five employees in Europe is at risk from work-related stress. Stress refers to a situation where an employee feels unable to cope with work-related requirements and expectations. Burnout is a disorder caused by long-term work stress, which results in decrease in energy resources and ability to work. If the employee does not get help on time, his or her energy supply will eventually run out completely. This generates fertile ground for developing anxiety and depression. If treatment of depression or anxiety disorder is the sole focus in this situation, the cycle begins to repeat itself again and again.

Burned out employees are also more likely to switch jobs, which seems like trying to escape from work stress. Unfortunately the same pattern tends to repeat itself also in the next job, because the person has not received appropriate councelling to cope with the work stress. In most cases, similar companies have similar stressors, which in turn contributes to the recurrence of burnout.

In order to prevent burnout of the employees, it is necessary to cooperate with an expert in work environment psychology. The most efficient approach is when the complete solution is developed by the occupational health care provider who monitors and cooperates with the employer for a longer period of time. A particularily sad fact for the employer is that most often the most talented and hard-working employees, i.e the best employees are those who burn out. A characteristic of a burned out employee is becoming cynical and negative about the work environment. The stressed out body is often exhausted and thereby more susceptible to various diseases and injuries. That leads the employee taking a sick leave or attending work sick, which in turn increases the pressure. It can even happen that the employer is happy when a constantly sulky employee with a reduced work capacity decides to leave. It can be completely forgotten that once this employee was one of the best professionals and the driving force of the company. Every case and enterprise is unique.

In cooperation with the enterprise, our specialists help to keep the stress level of the work environment low, and to prevent burnout of the employees. To achieve this, we thoroughly analyse the enterprise’s work processes together with the employer, and offer solutions to reduce psychosocial pressure and stress. We conduct health surveys at the workplace and use the results to find employees who need individual help. Our occupational psychologists help the employees to cope better with work stress and to increase their ability to tolerate stress. Our occupational psychologists also help the employer to make the work environment more employee-friendly and less stressful. If necessary, our doctors can help to treat anxiety disorders and depression caused by burnout.

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