Enterprise’s risk analysis

Risk factor analysis

Medihub offers a qualitative work environment risk analysis. Our team of healthcare professionals thoroughly assess the impact of hazards on the health of workers. Based on the risk analysis, it is easy to plan further medical examinations of workers and the use of personal protective equipment. 

We carry out assessments of the working environment for small and large enterprises: factories, offices, car repair services, banks, IT companies, accounting offices etc.

How much does a risk analysis cost?

The price of risk analysis depends on the size of the enterprise, the number of hazards in the working environment and the complexity of the work processes. Our risk analysis is always prepared individually and qualitatively, based on the needs and capabilities of the enterprise. Contact us so that we can create an individual offer for your company.

Planning an occupational health service

Occupational health care plan is largely based on the enterprise’s risk analysis. It is therefore very important that the risk assessment is carried out thoroughly and adequately. The risk analysis should be updated every time new processes or activities are added to the work environment that may affect the workload of the employees or their exposure to risk factors. Preparation of paperwork for the labor inspectorate alone is simply a waste of time and resources. This way the employer misses an opportunity to reduce the impact of work environment-related risk factors on the health of the employees.

Risk assessment helps prevent accidents and illnesses

In a situation where there is a considerable shortage of skilled workers in the market, loss of an employee means substantial costs for the company and reduction in productivity. In a worst case scenario, inadequate risk assessment and mitigation can lead to a work accident. The number of fatal work accidents in Estonia has increased in the recent years. Manufacture of metal products, machinery and electrical equipment was the most dangerous field of activity to work in. This is followed by construction and wholesale and retail trade.

Our specialists will help you to assess the risk factors of the work environment and their impact on health. Accidents are mostly caused by incorrect risk assessment and inadequate training. Risk analysis which is carried out in cooperation with our specialists can set the course in the right direction in order to minimize the realization of risks.

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