Occupational therapist appointment

Occupational therapist appointment

An occupational therapist is a specialist who maps different factors that affect person’s funcitonal capacity, and improves participation in daily activities. To achieve this, occupational therapist helps to improve person’s physican and mental condition through various purposeful activities.

In occupational health care service, occupational physiotherapist is responsible for ergonomics, mapping the employee’s physical capacity and improving working ability On the other hand, occupational psychologist is the main specialist in improving mental working capacity.

In rare cases it may be necessary to involve an occupational therapist in the rehabilitation process, but usually it happens as a part of vocational rehabilitation service. It primarily concerns situations involving people with severe health impairment or a disabled people where their functional and working capacity is improved through targeted activities. In most cases, the state pays for this service. If necessary, we purchase the services of occupational therapist from our good partners.

Our working capacity coordinator helps both the employee and the employer in finding a solution that suits both parties after the employee has suffered a serious health damage. We help to cope better with this difficult situation and apply for respective benefits.

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