High-quality health check-ups

Medical examination

Medihub offers only purposeful, cost-effective and evidence-based health check-ups. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the employer is responsible for organising health check-ups for employees whose health may be affected by physical, chemical, biological, physiological or psychosocial risk factors in the work environment. The purpose of a health examination is to prevent occupational injuries and to help in adjusting the working conditions according to the employee’s working ability. We offer our clients only purposeful and effective health check-ups which correspond to the real needs of the employer and are based on the company’s risk analysis. High-quality check-ups help to prevent employees from becoming ill and reduce the time spent on sick leave.

Based on the results of the health check the employer receives feedback on how to precent work-related illnesses. We advice both the employer and the employee on the measures of improving the work environment. If necessary, we organise tripartite occupational health negotiations, where we assist the employer in matters related to the working capacity of a particular employee. For example, for an office worker working in the field of information technology, the greatest risk factor may be psychosocial burden and the employee may be at risk of a burnout. When preventing burnout checking the employee’s visual acuity or desk height is not sufficient. The employee may need precise mapping of related problems and to see an occupational psychologist. Based on the collected information and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act we help the employer to make the working environment less burdensome. Effective occupational health care service enables the employer to save on personnel costs and to increase company’s productivity. A burned-out leading specialist changes employers often, which in turn means high costs for the employer in the terms of training and hiring replacements. Burned-out employee’s working capacity is often reduced which leads to slower work pace, delays and extra costs.

In fields where the nature of the work may promote the spread of infectious diseases, the employer is obliged to ask a new employee to pass a health examination for infectious diseases and to provide a corresponding certificate. Those health examinations are regulated by the Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control Act, according to which the abovementioned health certificate can be issued by both a family physician and an occupational health physician. It is not practical having employees undergo regular health examination for communicable diseases, but it should rather be performed at a frequency that is consistent with the results of the company’s risk assessment.


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