Restoring working capacity

Occupational rehabilitation

Occupational rehabilitation is for people in the working age, who have partial work ability and who need the help of various specialists to start or continue working.

Every illness does not alter work ability. For example, when a person loses the ability to walk after an accident or illness and needs to use a wheelchair. If he was previously working in a warehouse and his work requires him to stand and walk, then he has lost his work ability due to his condition. But, if the company allows him to continue working in the logistics department where he can perform all the tasks in a seated position and being in a wheelchair does not hinder him in any way, then his work ability is not affected.

People with the same diagnosis may have very different work abilities. It is influenced also by other characteristics like learning ability and adaptability, previous education and health diagnoses. During the evaluation operating and work ability are viewed as two separate concepts. Operating ability is always evaluated by taking account all the different disability aids that the person uses.

Medihub is the first occupational health clinic in Estonia adhering to the Nordic quality standard. For example, in Finland occupation rehabilitation is connected to work health and thus very effective and showing promising results. Medihub offers occupational rehabilitation service to people with partial work ability with the goal to raise their standard of everyday living and working. For a successful rehabilitation the client must be highly motivated to continue working or to resume working despite various health issues.

We focus mainly on assisting clients with physical and mental issues. Medihub is especially skilled in cases where work ability has been influenced by bone, muscle or nervous system illnesses. We also have an extensive experience in helping employees who have partial work ability resulting from burnout, depression or anxiety. We can successfully assess the mental and physical stress caused by work to find a suitable job for clients with partial work ability. We also assist the employer in accommodating the work environment and conditions to suit the abilities of the employee.

Occupational rehabilitation service at Medihub focuses on preserving the current work relationship or returning to work. Our specialists have all received a special training to assess work ability and operating ability in connection to a specific job or trade to find the best solution for the client. We have a tight cooperation with the employer and the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund through the whole process to reach the best result for the client. Within the framework of vocational rehabilitation, we set precise goals which aim at preserving the wellbeing and quality of everyday life for clients with partial work ability by helping them in finding and sustaining a suitable job by using different services offered in the labor market. We assist employers in adapting the work environment according to the abilities of employees with partial work ability.

occupational rehabilitation

Employer who has hired an employee with partial work ability can apply for social tax exemption from the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund. Our occupational health coordinator advises entrepreneurs regarding tax exemptions and other possibilities in connection with hiring employees with partial work ability. Additionally, we evaluate the work ability of the employees and assist them with submitting applications for work ability allowance.

Our target population for occupational rehabilitation service does not include employees who have a partial work ability related to hearing, eye or speech disorders. In these cases, we recommend choosing different service providers with more competence in these specific topics.

Target population of the occupational rehabilitation service:

  • work age clients (from the age 16 and up until retirement) with partial work ability:
  • clients with a disability or persistent incapacity to work or partial work ability;
  • clients already engaged (employees, employers, entrepreneurs);
  • clients searching for work (registered as unemployed).

For additional information please call +372 56 228 265.

Tööalane rehabilitatsioon

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Individual consultation with social worker (occupational health coordinator) 70 €
Individual consultation with physiotherapist 70 €
Individual consultation with psychologist 70 €
Individual consultation with doctor 95 €
Individual consultation with nurse 64 €
Individual consultation with occupational therapist 70 €
Individual consultation with special education teacher 70 €
Individual consultation with speech therapist 70 €
Individual consultation with creative therapist 70 €
Individual consultation with peer support specialist 70 €
Group consultation with physiotherapist, social worker, psychologist, occupational therapist, special education teacher, speech therapist, creative therapist, nurse, or peer support specialist 40 €
NB! Prices include VAT! One hour of service entails 45 minutes of working with the client and 15 minutes of preparing the documentation. All prices for the rehabilitation service include preparation, client work, conclusions and documentation.