Occupational health care plan

Preparation of occupational health care plan

The plan for organising occupational health care service and health examinations is prepared based on the company’s risk analysis. We help the employer to review and update the company’s risk analysis, if necessary. Preparation of a good occupational health care plan usually requires a workplace inspection. This also helps to introduce necessary additions to the enterprise’s risk analysis. Proper analysis and planning are crucial in order to provide an evidence-based and cost-effective occupational health care service.

To create real benefit, occupational health care plan must be compiled as a cooperation between the representative of the employers and employees. Together, goals are set, responsible persons are agreed upon, and suitable action plans are discussed. Tripartite cooperation is the basis for a cost-effective occupational health care service that offers high added value for the company.

Tripartite cooperation is carried out jointly by the employer, the employee and the occupational health care provider. Working together towards common goals helps to prevent realisation of work environment-related risk factors in the best possible way. The Occupational Health and Safety Act obliges the employer to plan and implement measures in order to prevent or reduce health risks at all stages of work, and to promote the physical, mental and social well-being of the employee. In order to prevent the associated risks, the employees must be involved in the processes, and their awareness of potential work-related hazards must be improved. Occupational health care provider assists you in planning and carrying out activities related to the health of the employees. High-quality occupational health care service is based on long-term tripartite cooperation that stems from the enterprise’s real problems and needs.

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