Supporting operational and working capacity

Restoring working capacity

The employer is obliged by the law to take care of its employees’ health and wellbeing. The employees are the most valuable asset of the enterprise. Taking care of them is investing in the success of the company. Top-quality occupational health care service increases employees’ satisfaction and motivation, and also improves working environment.
Improving employee health and working capacity are based on three following pillars:
1) support in the early phase when problems related to working capacity first appear;
2) helping employees with partial disability in cooperation with occupational health care specialists;
3) supporting employees in returning to work to prevent further decline in working ability and recurrence of health problems.
For example, one method for early employee support includes monitoring of sick days. When an employee’s absence from work due to health problems seems to increase, help should be sought by informing the occupational health care service.
Occupational health care plan lays out situations when the employee should be sent to the health check-up. Occupational health care provider should be involved in the evaluation of working capacity when an employee has been absent from work for more than 30 cumulative days in a year. In that case the occupational health care provider contacts the employee, identifies the underlying problem and, if necessary, makes an appointment for a medical check-up.
Employer should definitely consult the occupational health care provider if an employee has been absent from work for more than 30 cumulative days in a year. Occupational health care specialists aid the employee with recovering from the illness. Our occupational psychologist helps to cope with mood disorders. Occupational physiotherapist provides relief to musculoskeletal problems. The ultimate goals are faster restoration of working capacity, shortening of sick leave and prevention of future deterioration of working capacity. Occupational health nurse and physician coordinate the process of restoring working capacity. If necessary, working capacity coordinator assists the employee or employer by finding possibilities and simplifying the process of returning to work.

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