Occupational health services entail a variety of activities that are implemented to prevent occupational injuries. For this, work processes are restructured, work is adapted to the employee’s abilities and the physical, mental and social well-being is promoted. Occupational health can be divided into medical occupational health and non-medical occupational health.

Medical occupational healthcare is provided by healthcare professionals and occupational health professionals in an institution licensed by the Estonian Health Board to provide specialized medical care. Medical occupational health care aims to prevent illness, performs health examinations and diagnoses occupational diseases. Non-medical occupational health care assists the employer in redesigning work environment, preparing risk factor analyzes, measuring work environment parameters and compiling safety instructions.

Medihub OÜ provides medical occupational health care that meets the high Nordic quality standards. The qualifications of our employees allow us to provide a comprehensive occupational health service that complies with future amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. We offer companies all the necessary services with high quality and in one place. We perform work environment assessments and prepare risk analyzes as well as employee health reports. Our healthcare professionals perform all examinations and analyzes required by law. Occupational psychologists help employees with mental health concerns and conduct psychosocial stress assessments in companies. Occupational physiotherapists advise workers on the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders.

FAQ regarding occupational health examinations

Where is Medihub located and how to find us? Medihub’s occupational health clinic is located on the 3rd floor of Veerenni 38 in Tallinn.If you come by bus no. 16, 3, 28, 39 or 73 please exit at the Varre stop. If you take bus no. 12 or 13, please exit at Renniotsa stop. The customer car park is in front of the building, opposite to the entrance. Please start your parking with a parking meter. The vehicle must be registered in a parking system at the reception of the clinic.

How long does the health examination take? The duration of the health examination depends on its content, i.e. various tests that need to be conducted. The usual duration is 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Why is an occupational health examination necessary? The purpose of the health examination is to maintain and improve work ability and to identify possible health problems arising from work.

How to prepare for a health checkup? The health check questionnaire provides an initial overview of the current health condition, which is the basis for a thorough examination. The questionnaire will be delivered by e-mail before the medical examination and must be completed before the visit. Please arrive at least 5 minutes in advance.

What happens if You are not able to come to the medical examination?

Please, do not come to the clinic if experiencing any symptoms of viral infections!

If there are any circumstances that prevent you from coming to your health checkup, please let us know, as soon as possible. Visits can be canceled by phone +372 56 828 208 or by e-mail at info@medihub.ee.

If the visit is not canceled correctly, a non-cancellation fee of EUR 25 will be charged.

What does a medical examination contain?

Routine examinations include: thorough physical and psychological mapping of the employee, analysis of work and health history  (special medical survey), analysis of the health declaration and health questionnaire, anthropometry (weight, height, body mass index), musculoskeletal examination, neurological assessment if necessary (reflexes and nerve function), heart and lung examination, blood pressure control, visual acuity assessment, eye health assessment, recommendations, personal counseling, issuing a decision for the employer. If necessary, various examinations and analyzes are also performed: blood tests, hearing tests, ECG, spirometry and X-rays. Read more about occupational health checkups HERE.

Does the examination contain blood tests?

It is not sensible or medically necessary for everyone to have a blood test. The need for blood tests stems from the company’s risk analysis, which outlines the risk factors for different positions. The need for a blood test depends also on the health of every individual employee.

What does an eye examination look like?

If, during the initial eye examination, our occupational nurse detects abnormalities, referral to an optometrist or ophthalmologist is needed. If it turns out that the employee needs glasses or other visual aids while using a computer for work, according to law the employer must reimburse agreed part of the cost.

When is a referral to an occupational psychologist needed?

You can request to see a psychologist at the health checkup. Our occupational health nurse may also suggest the visit if the health examination reveals that the client is experiencing mental stress resulting from the work environment. Referrals can be made for employees whose employer has an agreement to involve occupational psychologist in the health checkup.

When will an occupational physiotherapist be involved in the health checkup?

You can apply to see a physiotherapist at the health checkup. Our occupational health nurse may also suggest the visit if the health examination reveals that the client is experiencing various physical ailments resulting from the work environment. Referrals can be made for employees whose employer has an agreement to involve occupational physiotherapist in the health checkup.

Answers to employers’ questions

Why are occupational health examinations necessary?

There are several reasons why your employees may need to undergo a health checkup. Firstly, health examinations must be carried out by law at least every three years, but the occupational health doctor may also oblige the health examination to take place sooner if necessary. Secondly, the need may arise from the company’s risk analysis or occupational health service plan.

The purpose of health surveillance is to prevent occupational injuries and to help adapt working conditions to the worker’s ability to work. Also, advise the employer on making work processes smoother and the work environment healthier for employees. High-quality occupational health control helps to prevent workers from becoming ill and shortens the time spent on sick leave. If the occupational health doctor diagnoses an illness related to work, the employee is referred to a family doctor. Occupational health is not meant to duplicate the work of a family doctor.

During the health examination, the occupational health specialist assesses the health of employees from several different aspects based on their profession and the risk factors to which the employee is exposed to in the course of their work.

All staff shall be subjected to a thorough examination of their eyes, musculoskeletal system and general health, the results of which shall be assessed in the light of the specific features of their work.

How to request a price?

Price inquiries can be submitted via form on our website HERE or by sending an e-mail to info@medihub.ee. You can also call our sales manager on +372 56 957 858.

What does the contract signing process look like?

The contract will be signed after bilateral negotiations and confirmation of the suitability of our offer.